"Shake is not just a great bass player, but versatile, able to lock in with drummers, really good with production ideas, harmonies, can handle all the challenges of a professional production and rocks out on stage. He's a good cat to have on your team if you have high standards like me." 


"Having played with many players over the years, it's rare to find one who can not only shred but can sing like Shaky does! I've only had the privilege of gracing the stage with this fine, young slinger a few times, but the time that I have it's always been a great experience! You kill it out there, buddy! Great working with you"  


"Shaky White is everything you could ask for in a bANDLEADER/SESSION PLAYER… From his slick bass playing and smooth vocals on stage, to his professionalism and dependability off stage. Skilled, organized and knowledgable, he left no stone unturned. A shining personality both on and offstage, anyone who gets a chance to work with Shake should consider themselves lucky!"